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If there’s one thing we love at Hill Crane, it’s having the right tool for the job.

In September, we’re adding a brand new Liebherr LTM 1220-5.2—complete with Tier 4 engines, Liccon 2, all Terrain Crane—to our expanding fleet of machinery.

The LTM 1220-5.2 is engineered for maximum lifting performance. The total weight of the five-axle mobile crane is fully utilised to optimise load capacities. With a telescopic boom extension and a long folding fly-jib system, the LTM 1220-5.2 sets the standard when it comes to lifting height and boom length. Active rear-axle steering offers a choice of six convenient steering programs. Designed to support our growing role in power lines construction across the region, this 220 ton powerhouse lifts 514,000 lbs at 10 ft radius,  a 197-ft. telescopic main boom and a 40- to 72-ft. long folding fly-jib system that can be optimized for any terrain. With extreme flexibility in both lifting height and boom length, this crane is truly a cut above. And did we mention that it can grapple just about any landscape the West Coast can throw at it? Hills, ridges and ravens beware! liebherrLTM1220-3And although this crane might be built like a Sherman Tank, doesn’t mean it rides like one. This beautiful beast is crafted with heat-absorbing internal paneling, tinted windows, front knock-out windows, and a space-saving sliding door. The cab tilts to the rear by 20° to improve operator visibility. And with a spring-mounted, hydraulically cushioned seat, pneumatic lumbar support and a headrest, our operators will never want to leave the job site. It’s just one more reason why Hill Crane Service is Southern California’s fastest growing crane provider.

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