12118965_1036822963029549_6701713345229764441_n A successful rigging and hoisting operation is a result of careful planning, proper execution  and also teamwork. Every operation follows procedures along with regulations. In an  operation that involve heavy equipment and machine like cranes, Operators and the management need to comply with the rules while working with the cranes, rigging and hoisting. For a successful and safer rigging  and hoisting operation. Here are things to keep in mind.

Do’s of Rigging and Hoisting

  • Keep the load under control at all times
  • Wear the proper clothes and protective gears
  • Make sure that no one is in the area when loads are being lifted and lowered
  • Be familiar with operating controls, labels and warnings of the unit
  • The load slings or other attachments should be properly sized and positioned
  • Only trained crane operators should run the crane
  • Report any malfunction or damage immediately
  • Visually and physically inspect and replace damaged or worn parts right away
  • Know the load limit or load capacity of every crane
  • Use clear agreed upon signals
  • Make sure your attention is not diverted while operating

Don’ts of Rigging and Hoisting

  • Avoid swinging the load or load hook
  • Never leave suspended loads unattended
  • Do not lift load that exceeds the capacity
  • Never use damaged hoist or those that has not passed the inspection
  • Do not remove labels, instructions or warning signs on the hoist
  • Never lower the load until the area is clear
  • Never lift people with a hoist
  • Chain or even body of the hoist should never come in contact with the load
  • Do not pull or push loads out from under the hoist
  • Do not drag slings or leave loose materials on a load being lifted
  • Never work under a suspended load

Rigging and hoisting operation requires knowledgeable and responsible workers who practice safe rigging.  Rules and regulations are created for an organized, safe and successful operation.

** Rigging and hoisting works are best left to experts and experienced people like Hill Crane Service. Aside from having the right equipment and tools, they also follow guidelines set by the people in authority that ensures the safety of all the individuals involved.

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