Looking for a crane service provider? Hill Crane is the answer. We provide the latest technology combined with personalized service, competitive pricing and flexible scheduling. Safety is the company’s top priority.

Hill Crane is a family owned, minority company in Southern California, founded by Bernard and Dollene Hill. Being in the business for more than 60 years, we pride ourselves on safety, planning and efficiency. Our team of professionals went through intensive training making us the preferred choice for projects in construction, oil and gas, transportation, public utilities and more. We are also a proud member of International Union of Operating Engineers, SC&RA (Specialized Carries & Rigging Association), PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening), SCCA (Southern California Contractors Association), MCOG (Mobile Crane Operators Group), IS Networld, E-Railsafe, OSCA

Here’s an outline on some of our quality services


Before we begin any project, we create it with a 3D computer environment for us to identify the right equipment to accomplish the job. Exploring different lift scenarios help us come up with the most effective solution for each project.

In addition to our advanced lifting planning, we also offer:

* AutoCad Drawing- a 2D and 3D computer-aided design used for designing and drafting. It helps in visualizing the final output, how the actual project will work.

*Lift Movie Services- We can create a lift movie to showcase the entire lift in full animation from start to finish! You will see exactly how each project will be completed.

*Complete Rigging Drawing/Design- It is vital for a rigger to project a high level of safety and having a well-planned design is the key. Let Hill Crane design your rigging project!

*Outrigger Loadings and Ground Pressures- It is important to calculate the weight of a load on a crane to decide whether it is safe to perform the lift, same with the ground pressure, this is to avoid sinking in on a soft ground or to avoid damage on fragile surfaces.

*Critical Lift Plan Creation-  There are many factors to consider that must be evaluated before doing a critical lift, Hill Crane can help you create a plan to ensure your project’s success

*Axle Loadings and Ground Pressures- We can do a weight distribution analysis to achieve the correct axle loadings of your vehicle under various loading conditions.


Our experts provide engineering support for every critical lift, preparing detailed lift and rigging drawings. Hill Crane also provide rigging details to support crane pads, ensuring every load is supported safely and properly.


At Hill Crane, no job is too big! Together with HCS Transportation, we are able to provide a wide range of transportation and trucking services. From single truckloads to multi truck shipment, name it and we have it. We also offer rigging service and crane needs for any type of equipment.

Traffic Control

Our partnership with California Traffic Control enable us to offer encroachment and travel permits, engineered traffic control systems and equipment rental and sales.


With our highly trained operators, we continue to be one of Southern California’s best crane service provider. With safety as our top priority, we carry out all projects with proper planning. We’ll provide a professional and experienced team and a competitive price that’s hard to beat!

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