308318_253952544649932_1121261572_nJust like cooking, planning  alift operation needs to have  the right ingredients for it to  be perfect.Lift plan is an important process that adds another layer of safety in the overall operation.Extreme planning is a must to avoid crane mishaps.If anything  goes wrong, a disaster may take place, just like severe damage to property as well as injury and even death. Excellent planning offers protection to cranes and also to workers involve in the operation.

Load Description

Materials are one of the most important factors that will decide the safety of a lifting operation. It is very important to look at the weight and height of materials prior to loading it on the equipment. You need to properly calculate the weight of material especially when it includes assembled parts. In addition, during lifting operations, it is very crucial to maintain the center of gravity of the load. Not putting this into practice can cause disasters in the workplace.

Site Inspection

The person in charge of creating the lifting plan needs to check out the site to get all the information necessary to ensure that the actual lift can be carried out from a particular position and the ground conditions can support the total weight of the crane plus the materials it will lift.

Having the Right Crane

“You are only as good as your tools” A saying that is very true when it comes to the choice of tools and equipment. Using the right crane for a specific job gives you confidence in what you are doing. Cranes comes in different types and each will have different benefits and will be suitable for different types of work. Knowing what each type does and exactly how it is designed will help you to pick the best crane for the job. Using the right crane is the best way to avoid accident on the jobsite.

Competent Workers

Lastly, the most essential thing that needs to be remembered is all people involved with the crane operation should be really competent. Individuals must also have the ability to follow instructions, guidelines and safety procedures and be able to work effectively as part of a team. Each one of them is liable for the safety and well-being of others.

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