traffic controller

A flagger or traffic controller is one who directs traffic when a construction or other road work are done. They are responsible for maintaining the safety as well as efficiency of traffic, plus the safety of road workers. Traffic controller are usually employed on highways and expressways. They are trained to slow down the speed of traffic during temporary road close. To become a flagger, it is necessary to complete a training course and also pass the examination that results to flagger certification.


  • in good physical condition
  • mental and physical alertness
  • good vision and hearing
  • ability to give motorist clear directions and instructions
  • ability to use all equipment associated with work activities
  • ability to follow traffic regulations and safety procedures
  • excellent eye for speed and distance to gauge oncoming traffic
  • courteous and patient
  • can adapt to changing situations
  • can properly use the STOP and SLOW sign
  • must work well alone and as a member of a group
  • knowledge in setting up traffic warning signs and barricades properly

Flaggers should be positioned in:

  • Flagger stations are usually set up according to the speed of traffic along with other factors affecting the visibility of the flagger
  • Stand where there is a color contrast between you and the background
  • Avoid shaded areas
  • Follow any additional precautions determined by a competent person designated by the employer

Equipment Flaggers use:

  • Signal flags
  • Stop or slow paddles
  • Signal baton or marshaling wand
  • Signal flares
  • Traffic cones and warning signs

Things to understand before the start of work:

  • the type of construction they’ll be engaged with
  • the specific type of equipment to be used
  • how to direct construction along with traffic
  • any special conditions in the contract concerning road use
  • how the public traffic will flow

Safety Clothing:

  • full length pants
  • long sleeved shirt
  • safety boots or hard toed shoes
  • safety Glasses
  • vest
  • hardhat

Traffic flaggers are effective in preventing accidents especially during road| works. Flaggers are trained in safe traffic control practices ensuring the safety of everyone on the road.


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