A successful lift operation requires a plan, competent  people and right equipment. A safe and successful lift  operation involves a range of requirements which must be  considered before and during the lifting operation.

  Lift Plan

Before any operation, a plan should be prepared. A lift plan  is crucial for the success of the entire operation for it adds  another layer of safety.  Someone who is trained, skilled and  expert in the field should come up with the plan that gives and detailed information about the  operation.

Details of the load

For a safe and successful operation, it is important to have the details of the loads to be lifted. This way, the team will know how the lift operation should be performed in a safe manner. The weight and other details of the load are also factors in determining the crane to be used.

Crane Selection

Each crane is designed to perform a specific task. It is important to know the details of the crane in advance to know if it can handle the lift operation. Using the right crane will greatly affect the success of the operation. Make sure that the crane can efficiently and safely carry or move the loads. Checking the crane before the operation should also be done to make sure it is working fine and to keep the safety of the team is check. Wrong choice of crane will result to failure and accidents.

Competent People

Competent people should be involved in the lift operation. They must have the skills, experiences and education to successfully complete the tasks needed. In addition, each must have sufficient technical know-how and understanding of the work being carried out.  All workers need to be familiar with the types of equipment they will be using and their role in the operation.

Assessment of the project site

It is important to carefully assess the project site and surrounding areas for these can greatly affect the work flow. Site information is vital in planning and a big deciding factor for the entire project. Before the lift operation, engineers and project managers need to do a site visit to get all the information and see if the actual lift can be performed. This will also give a full understanding of the requirements needed to complete the operation in safe and timely manner. Being aware of the work place is also an important safety factor. If the working site has not been thoroughly inspected for possible hazards then the operation will be unsafe.

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