Capture One of the milestones in the construction industry is the invention of  cranes. It has made the building of bigger and taller structures possible  and much easier. However, anyone in the industry knows that cranes  do  not come with a cheap price, which is definitely understandable  because  it offers several advantages. Nonetheless, sometimes, the  company  budget falls short that buying a new crane is not even a  consideration. So,  do you have other options? Indeed you have – used  or secondhand  cranes.

 At this point, you might be raising your brow, skeptical about such option. But hear us out. One of the first things you need to keep in mind is, “A ‘used’ or ‘secondhand’ item does not mean it is defective or of low quality.” Here are some of the benefits you get for buying used cranes or other construction equipment.

You Save Money

This is definitely one of the best advantages of buying used cranes. Often, you can purchase a used crane for half or a fraction of the cost of a new equipment, saving you thousands of dollars as a result. In fact, ‘used’ cranes may sometimes be practically new, handed down by companies still in their original ‘packaging’ or with just a year or two of use.

Quality is Not Compromised

As mentioned earlier and contrary to common notion, items being sold as ‘secondhand’ are not defective or broken. In fact, used crane or equipment are proven to last and serve a productive life as a new equipment. Also, at Hill Crane Service, we perform a series of inspections and testing to make sure that the crane is in great working condition before it ends up in our inventory. We guarantee that the equipment we sell are of high quality not only because our name and reputation are at stake but, more importantly, we highly prioritize safety.

Familiarity with the Equipment

If your equipment has served its life, buying a used crane of the same model gives you the advantage of familiarity in terms of how it is operated. Some of the newer models are bombarded with complicated systems that might require operators to undergo trainings to familiarize themselves with its operation. So, if you choose to buy the same crane model you have been using, and one which perfectly works for you, then operation may continue without interruption.

Once you have decided to buy a used crane, then Hill Crane Service is definitely the company you can trust. We make the process easy for you. Give us a call for more details.

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