At Hill Crane Service, we believe proper planning can help eliminate cost over runs, improve safety and equipment productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Before any job begins our team of seasoned engineers and designers recreates the entire project within a 3D computer environment.  From that model, we can determine the right equipment to meet your job needs, right down to the inch. We can also explore different lift scenarios to help create the most cost effective solution for your individual projects.

And for added piece of mind, we can produce a lift movie showcasing the entire lift in full animation from start to finish.  Using this great tool allows you can see exactly how each project will be completed.

Advanced Lift Planning:

  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Lift Movie Services
  • Rigging Drawings/Design
  • Outrigger Loadings & Ground Pressures
  • Critical Lift Plan Creation
  • Axle Loadings and Ground Pressures