Ronald Hill Featured on American Cranes & Transport

Ronald Hill Featured on American Cranes & Transport

Doubtful about Buying Used Crane? Here are the Benefits

 One of the milestones in the construction industry is the invention of  cranes. It has made the building of bigger and taller structures possible  and much easier. However, anyone in the industry knows that cranes  do  not come with a cheap price, which is definitely understandable  because  it offers several advantages. Nonetheless, sometimes, the  company

Your Guide to Traffic Equipment Rental

  Traffic equipment are mainly used to divert traffic whenever there are ongoing inspection, maintenance, or road repairs. Therefore, their main purpose is to provide alertness and safety to motorists. So, if you are one of the road contractors who need traffic equipment to get the job done, it is highly advisable to obtain the

Traffic Surveying: Why is it Beneficial?

Traffic in populous areas such as towns, main routes, and city centers can create numerous problems to both the environment and people. In order to pinpoint the root cause of certain traffic-related problems, as well as to assess the scale of these problems including the safety of pedestrian and road congestion, traffic surveying is conducted.

What Makes A Lift Operation Successful?

   A successful lift operation requires a plan, competent  people and right equipment. A safe and successful lift  operation involves a range of requirements which must be  considered before and during the lifting operation.   Lift Plan Before any operation, a plan should be prepared. A lift plan  is crucial for the success of the

New Office

Hill Crane has been in the business for more than 65 years, offering the convenience of one-stop-shop, offering heavy haul services in addition to traffic control and permitting. Boasting the largest and most advanced fleets in Southern California, Hill Crane Services is the region’s leading crane service provider and the preferred choice for projects in construction, oil and gas, transportation,

The Importance of Planning a Lifting Operation

  Lifting operations are a very intricate process which when not done properly may lead to devastating consequences such as damage to property and injury  or even loss of life. Although the process may seem simple – pick up the material and set it over – it is far  easier said than done. A single

91 Freeway Expansion Project

As Southern California’s leading crane service provider, Hill Crane Service already has a proven track record in a wide range of industries – from refinery work to electrical infrastructure. In addition to our growing list of completed projects, we are proud to announce our contribution to the completion of 91 freeway expansion project in Southern California. The

Safety Meeting

Hill Crane will be holding its last safety meeting of the year on December 19th. Various safety topics will be discuss to further improve the safety practices implemented within the company as we put safety as our top priority. Safety is the cornerstone of our success and part of our corporate DNA. Every employee of Hill Crane Service is

What to look for in Choosing a Crane Service Company 

Big projects just like building tall structures are usually in need of heavy machines and equipment to be able to lift, move and carry heavy materials. Because of this, hiring crane service is the best option. There are many advantages associated with hiring crane service. With many companies offering crane service, it is more difficult