560594_385897384788780_296783633_n   The right tool for the right job. It’s an expression we’ve all    heard a million times, but the message rings especially true  when it comes to cranes. In fact, with major construction  projects, pairing the right crane and operator with the  specific construction task is one of the single, biggest factors  in predicting safety.

 When it comes to the equipment itself, proper assembly,  along with welding of the crane foundation is absolutely crucial. And correct checking mechanisms should be in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

But the human element is equally important both in terms of safety and efficiency. Engineers and construction workers with experience putting together a safe steel grillage can significantly speed up the building of the crane, and offer you some much needed peace of mind. In my experience, it always pays to have experienced individuals on the job.

Although not everyone on the project may be an expert, all those working on and around the crane should be generally knowledgeable with all the features and functions of that specific crane. And in particular, they should all be up to speed on all safety factors connected with operating on and around that crane. As I often tell our clients, a little extra time and care up front can save you from some big headaches down the road.  540450_392760527435799_1408367669_n

That’s a lesson that also holds true for planned loads. It’s important to know in advance that the crane you’re using has the physical ability to handle the task. Never use a crane to lift beyond its weight limit because you will be putting yourself and others on the work site in a potentially dangerous situation. When the right procedures and safety precautions have not been met then catastrophic events are real possibilities.

So if you’re looking to employ crane services, remember the three most important ingredients to safety:

  1. Having the right crane equipment
  2. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, fully-trained staff
  3. Ensuring employees and contractors are familiar with the significance of safety around cranes.

Not only will this prevent any kind of possible damage to thousands of dollars equipment; it will help reduce the potential for any loss of life related to mishandling equipment.


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