As a crane guy I get to see some interesting incidents and projects every day, but some “situations” are more interesting than a typical “lift of an AC unit on a roof”.

The below pictured project presented lots of challenges. We were asked to right this forklift that tipped over holding a container with 70,000 pounds of grain from the middle east. We did not know if the forklift mast was bent. If it was bent, we would have to suspend the whole 160,000 pounds while the mast was unpinned from the lift. Two cranes were used to right the forklift. Our 265 ton crane held the rear counterweight of the forklift and our 500 ton crane held the container and mast of the forklift. Both cranes worked in unison with our ground crews and our clients crews to pivot the forklift back. the lift was completed while maintaining OSHA capacity deductions for two crane lifts

One other trivial note, to fill the container it is tipped upright (vertical) with the doors open, then it is filled to the top and the doors are shut. Then it is tipped back to horizontal position to ship around the world.

Please see below picture sequence and video.

Please note the forklift operator was not hurt when the forklift tipped over.

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