Evaluating the site is an important part of any lifting project. It is important to have knowledge about the project site and nearby areas for it can greatly affect the work flow. Site information are vital in planning and a big deciding factor for the entire project. Being aware about the work place is also an important safety factor.

Ground Status

Is the ground condition favorable to support the heaviness of the crane and the materials it is going to lift? Assessment of the ground conditions must be part of the planning process. Ensure that the ground is stable enough to sustain the loads imposed by the crane. The crane should be able to rotate in 360° without touching any object or structure. The area should also allow the assembling and disassembling both for crane and the load.

Power lines, water lines and sewers
First step is to identify power lines, sewers and drains within the workplace. Consult the owners of the lines so that the proposed plan of work can be discussed. Make sure that no lines would be affected. Coordinate with the local government to ensure you comply with the laws.

Roads Traffic Plan

Hazards related to public roads as well as road traffic need to be considered as part of lifting plan. The management should talk to other contractors and client before working to make sure that all hazards are manage.

Road traffic plan for road closure, alternative routes and sign and barriers should also be included. The area for lifting operation should have warning and guide signs to inform road users about the presence of work ahead. All signs must be reflective. Sign should be place in a visible spot where it can be seen easily. Signs should be readable and the distance of the sign is adequately spaced for the drivers to have time reading each one. Barriers should be located in way that road users will have sufficient distance to stop at an intended stopping point.

Existing Structures

Are there buildings or structure near the area? Consideration must be given to existing structures like buildings, houses, and park for these can slow down or limit the work. Notify owners about the work to be done for it may require removal or relocation of these areas.


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