hillcrane-tesoroHill Crane Service was contracted by Jacobs Field Services & Tesoro Carson to provide lift plan services, rigging services and crane work for the installation of (4) substation modules and accessory equipment in the coker unit of Tesoro Carson. This was a very high level project as we had to lift these modules we lifted over a live H2S pipeway, three different engineering and consulting firms reviewed the lift plan and all aspects of the lift. Coordination with all parties involved in the lift such as fire & safety, cranes, rigging, trucking and engineering was extensive. Here are a few items in which Hill

Crane Service was responsible for

  • Lift Plan Generation (292 page final lift plan document)
  • Module Rigging Design
  • Rigging Certification & Quarantine
  • Crane Load Testing Procedure and Test
  • Engineering of Lift Package
  • Site Prep Work for Crane
  • Crane Operations
  • 500 Ton All Terrain Crane
  • Project Management Oversight
  • Lift Plan Animation (3D Movie)
  • Assembly & Disassembly Procedure for Crane

tesoroIt’s also worth noting that prior to being awarded this job Hill Crane Service conducted approximately two years of crane feasibility studies with Jacobs and Tesoro in which the teams worked very closely to determine if that job could be done, what size and type of crane was best for the job, weights of modules and components that could be safely lifted and how to mitigate any issues that would arise while lifting over a live H2S pipeway and crane setup location which included setting the crane in a live unit and working on/near underground seepage pits. Ultimately these steps that were taken lead to successful completion of the project. Below are samples of completed lift plan and pictures of the project.

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