Sharing the new safety addition we just installed on our 500 ton crane.  I believe we are the first in Southern California to outfit our crane with a 2 anchor point fall protection system designed and installed by the manufacturer (Liebherr).  In years past the operation of running a main line and/or aux line along the top of the main boom at elevation has been hazardous.  With this system Hill Crane is making the assembly and disassembly portion of our service safer while exceeding the current OSHA rules for A&D.  This new system was supplied and installed by the Liebherr factory.

It took several days of work by Liebherr certified welders and then inspected by factory certified weld inspectors.  Below are some pictures of the system in use.

Lastly, a couple weeks ago we lifted a 78,000 lb Coker valve assembly at a local refinery with this crane.

Hill Crane Service is continuing to grow and invest in safety for our crews.

Please don’t hesitate to call or write me, or your Hill Crane Salesman, if you have a crane requirement.

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